March 19, 2015


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Mission Bay Sportcenter Offers Jetpacks and Jetboards

One of the coolest adventures in San Diego comes from Mission Bay Sportcenter. They needed a promotional video that showcased their activity. This video is used for Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads and Instagram Ads.


Loan Officers Need Promo Too!

Meet Rob Tennyson. Rob needed a short video expressing who he is and what he does. The goal of this video was an introduction to prospective clients that need home loans. This video is being used for facebook ads, website content and a brief introduction to who Rob is.

Xterra Announces New Surf Wetsuits

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Jetpack America asked us to make a sales/promotional video that would help them sell some of their addons. How do you think we did?!

Tiki Beat Party In San Diego!

 You’re in for a treat with this video!

Fog rolls in while flying water Jetpacks

We had a great time filming Jetpacks and Jetblades in San Diego’s gorgeous Mission Bay. As we were shooting, a layer of fog blanketed us. Here’s what it looked like!

San Diego Drone Filming is our specialty.

Thank you for having an interest in our latest work! Below you will find numerous satisfied clients of Elite Aerials. All video’s below were filmed using a fully customized DJI Phantom Quadcopter. Each video was edited by Elite Aerials and all scripting and shot lists were created by Elite Aerials. Although San Diego drone filming is our specialty, we’ve taken our drone all the way to Thailand!




Pacific Paddle Games: The Paddle Battle!

Nestled at the gorgeous Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA takes place the one and only Pacific Paddle Games – a competition fueled paddle boarding event that draws thousands of spectators and competitors that battle it our for the fastest paddle boarders in the world. Elite Aerials was there to make sure that this epic event was covered from the air and sea to get the unique shots that this event offered. With a $55,000 prize purse, competition was high and so was the surf! With 5-8ft pounding waves, athletes from ages 7 to 67 took on these huge waves head-on.

“Flying the drone during the competition was incredible, I felt like my heart was racing just as fast as the bold athletes that faced those huge waves.”

In the end, Connor Baxter took the overall championship with 1750 PPG Points boosting a World Ranking up 81 points. The 2016 dates for the next Paddle Battle will take place  OCT 1-2, 2016. With hundreds of sponsors, and the worlds highest ranking paddle board racers, it’s bound to be another epic competition.

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Drone films Wavehouse San Diego

Nestled next to gorgeous Mission Beach, San Diego, you have The Wavehouse – a premiere venue featuring the coolest wave machines on the planet. Not only do they have the barreling wave, but they also have the Flowrider, which is for all you beginners out there. I definitely reccomend giving this sport a try – it’s not the easiest thing to master, but definitely provides a great time. Don’t worry, it’s also a ton of fun to have a cocktail while watching the pros and beginner fiddle with their techniques. Once you catch a nice buzz and the newbies are doing epic whipeouts, you’ll be in Cali heaven. To give you another view of how great this sport is, we decided to bring our drone to take a birds eye view of what the real pros can do! It wasn’t the easiest shoot, as we had to manipulate around the concert lighting that they had set up and avoid the huge sprays of water, but it turned out great! If you are attempting to get this drone footage for yourself, be weary. Make sure you are fully insured, have your Section 333 FAA exemption, the okay from the management, and are safe while filming! Thanks to Wavehouse San Diego for allowing us to get this awesome drone footage. See you in the summer!


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Jetski Safety Training – Rules and Regulations

In this video, we walk you through the rules and regulations of Jetski Safety in Mission Bay, San Diego. This video was made for Mission Bay Sportcenter, located in Mission Beach, San Diego. We can provide the video below custom made for any Jetski Rental company. For inquiries, please Click Here





The HydroSoul Project

The HydroSoul Project – Brought to you by Elite Aerials, based out of San Diego, CA. This video was filmed in Koh Samui Thailand and was funded by X-Jetpacks. This was by far the most incredible opportunity that Elite Aerials has had. It was an aerial pilots dream to film in such a unique place and it was a lifelong dream to travel to Thailand. Enjoy some of the most unique footage ever filmed from a drone!

Drone Filming 2015 Reel

Every few months we like to take our previous projects and update our Drone Filming Reel. Out of all the videos that we edit, these are always the most fun. We are able to take all of our best drone shots and mix them in to one video. In our Drone Filming Reel you will find video from all over the world. From San Diego, all the way to Koh Samui, Thailand. Please enjoy! If you’re interested in San Diego Aerial Filming, please feel free to click “Get a quote”.

Drone Thailand Footage

This video was edited by Kim Koros, the Social Media Coordinator of Jetpack America. Thailand from a drone is absolutely breathtaking but couple that with Jetpacks and Jetblades and you have one of the newest and most exciting hydroflight videos out there! Great job Kim and thanks for featuring out shots!


Mission Bay Sportcenter

San Diego’s Mission Bay Sport Center is the best rental company in the world. No joke. They have everything you could imagine and more. The facility is absolutely amazing. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video below and you’ll have no doubt. Big thanks to Zach, who allowed us to shoot this video.

San Diego Drone Video of a PB Mansion

This San Diego Drone Video for Coldwell Banker was way too much fun. This home is a mansion! San Diego from a drone perspective is so exciting; especially when filming a home like this!

Jetpack America San Diego High In The Sky With A Drone

By far our most fun shoot yet. I mean, we got to fly and film Jetpack’s for an entire week. This is an example of our full production capabilities, from script writing, editing, color correcting, interviewing, steady-cam operations, and overall promo video planning. If you are looking to catch customer’s eyes, Elite Aerials is the obvious choice for stunning drone videos san diego.

Elite Aerials Demo Reel

Features lots of different shots of San Diego, from the beach, to the eastern desert. We try to showcase or flying skills in every drone video we produce, but flying through that tunnel was more dangerous than it looks!

Xtreme Adventures From A Drone

This company has some of the greatest cars ever made. What an exhilarating shoot – he even offered to let us try them out for ourselves! They specialize in training new and experiences drivers on the in’s and out’s from Porches, to Lamborghini’s. Drone video of elegant cars are awesome!

Vista Valley Country Club Gorgeous Aerials

Vista Valley Country Club is absolutely stunning – especially from a drone. We started the day with lunch on the terrace and got to ride around in their awesome golf carts while scoping out each shot. The water features alone are reason enough to play a round at this gorgeous San Diego location. Drone video of golf courses doesn’t get any better!

Vacation Rental Seen From a Drone

If you are looking to rent a home on the beach/bay in San Diego, look no further. This place is unbelievable. It is located (as you can see from watching the drone video) in between the beach and the bay in beautiful San Diego, CA. This shoot was great, and located only blocks from our office!

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