Free Real Estate Video

FREE REAL ESTATE VIDEOS!    A real estate video is one of the most powerful tools to help you reach a large group of people with very little resources. Realtors, Savvy Investors, Home Flippers, whatever you are, we know why you’re here – a real estate video. You’re looking for a real estate video to[…]

Xterra Releases New Surf Wetsuits

Xterra now offering Surf Wetsuits Xterra, known for it’s marathon wetsuits has announced that they are finally making wetsuits for surfers. They are stepping in to a market that is extremely competitive, but they are not new to the wetsuit game. On May 5th, the Xterra Surf Team visited Blacks Beach, where they took over[…]

Finding Places for Dynamic Drone Filming

5 years ago, flying a drone could quite possibly mean you are breaking the law—and drone filming was a director’s wet dream. Scouting locations to maneuver a robotic third eye wasn’t even on your radar. Fast forward to 2017. Eye See You Now that everything is relatively copacetic with the law, people are getting the hang[…]

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How Drones are Changing the Way Movies are Made

The crew piles haphazardly into the chopper. They precariously stuff themselves behind the actor and his stunt double. Patiently waiting, they just barely set up the shot before they realize the sun is too low. This is the pain of shooting an aerial scene for the movies —unless, of course, you have your trusty drone![…]

360 Real Estate Video

360 Real Estate Video “360 Real Estate Video likely to be a Real Estate Game Changer” I can’t help but mention what a wonderful era of technology that we live in. It seems weekly that we get to marvel at a new piece of technology. This post will focus on the exciting shooting and sharing[…]

Affordable Wedding Videography in San Diego

Get your free quote here! Affordable Wedding Videography Affordable wedding videography done by professional’s is not easy to come by. You’re nervous, excited, and have a heaping list of to-do’s for your upcoming wedding. You’ve spent so many hours making sure that everything goes smoothly. Matching colors, the perfect cuisine, and even making sure Grandma[…]