Drone Mistakes, Mishaps and Misfortunes: We Always Break our Toys

We’re making drone mistakes everywhere. We’ve only had our grubby little paws on drones for a short amount of time and we’re already royally F-ing it up! Like a monkey being handed an Xbox, people are in awe of their flying eye in the sky. So much so, in fact, they forget to read the damn directions.

Look, this equipment is expensive. It’s important to read the manual and test your new robotic buddy in enough open space for him to roam. Emphatically whipping it out of the box and jamming the batteries in, isn’t exactly preparing for your first flight.

If you choose to do it the hard way—that’s fine, but take note of these drone mistakes, mishaps, and misfortunes that could have easily been avoided. Here are a few things that people are finding out the hard way, do NOT correspond well with drones.


Oak, maple, birch, Christmas trees…drones do not discriminate. This Christmas saw the quickest transformations from happy to sad the holiday has ever seen. That’s because as soon as people opened their drones, they somehow decided flying them indoors was a great idea. This should not have to be reiterated to adults, but flying a drone indoors is never, ever, ever a good idea. Landing them on the tops of trees isn’t either…


We all know you love to mess with your friend’s hair, but landing your drone on their head is a horrendous idea. For some strange unexplained reason, people are not equating drone propellers with hair entanglement. Much like a rotating fan, moving drones are not something you want body parts (especially intertwining pieces) exposed to. Therefore, it’s best to fly the drone away from the top of your head, at all times.

Twitter @abbyhuff24

Twitter @abbyhuff24

Another Dimension?

Unbeknownst to some, you really do have to keep your eye on the drone when flying it. It will not return to you like a lost puppy. Many people who purchased drones over the holiday season, have also complained that they are flying into oblivion. In other words, they are getting lost left and right. How someone loses a large, heavy, flying robot, one can only guess.


Considering how much can go wrong, maybe you need a professional after all to man the drone at your cousin’s wedding.  Avoid disaster and contact us today for a free quote. We’ll get you great shots and keep you in one piece.