Podcasting – Do you need a podcast studio?

Should I start podcasting and do I need a podcast studio?

Podcasting in San Diego

Podcast Studio In San Diego

Podcasts are informative, engaging and highly convenient. Listeners can maximize their time by multi-tasking while consuming content tailored to their interest. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why podcasts are so popular, the advantages of starting your own and the importance of a podcast studio.

Audio is winning

The consumption of audio, especially in the streaming format is growing faster than video consumption. This might surprise some at first, but if we take a closer look into audio streaming, and podcasts, in particular, we can understand why.

Time is our greatest asset. Technology keeps advancing and finding ways for us to save our time or be more productive with it. That’s where podcasts come in.

Listening to a podcast as opposed to watching a video, for example, allows you to consume content while doing something else. Whereas with videos you need to watch and listen, so you can’t make the most of your time.

When you’re working on everyday tasks, at the gym, or washing the dishes, the fact that you can put on your earphones and learn everything you need to know about astrophysics is impressive. And highly practical.

Creating content – Start a podcast

From influencers to business owners, the world today requires you to put out content. As a company or personal brand, having your own content out there is crucial to your online growth and success.

Podcasting is a fantastic way to create content and expand your online reach. The investment in comparison to video production is much lower and as mentioned above, highly convenient for your audience to consume whenever they want.

Podcasts can become all mediums

One of the most significant advantages of podcasts is how versatile of a medium it is. When you record a podcast, you can repurpose the content to other platforms and reach a much bigger audience.

Let’s say you recorded a one-hour show. That show can be transcribed and edited in a blog post format, which can help people find you online. You can also divide the transcription into smaller blog posts, instead of going for one in-depth article.

Plus, you can record a “behind-the-scenes” video of the podcast recording and share it on YouTube. Since it’s a podcast first, the audio will make sense without the video, but the video might still be interesting to watch. A video-first content might not translate into a coherent podcast episode.

Producing your own podcasts

Though podcasts are much easier to produce than video, you must strive for quality. When a video has lousy audio, a few viewers might still stick around, if the imagery is interesting enough. But when it comes to podcasts, there’s nowhere to hide. Audio is all you got.

Getting high-quality audio recorded is vital for podcasting, and the equipment can be quite expensive. High-quality audio gear could cost you thousands of dollars. Not only that, you’d still need to learn how to use everything properly and dive into the sound tech world.

Podcast Studio

If you want to save your time and not invest loads of money right out of the gate, there’s a better alternative. You can rent a podcast studio, which guarantees you high-quality audio recordings and you don’t need to worry about any technicalities.

Here at Mafia Media, you can rent the studio per hour and record your podcast with up to 4 people. A sound technician will be there in every step of the way to make sure you get the best audio quality. Much easier, right?

Check out our setup:

Without a doubt, podcasts are here to stay. If you want to create content to grow your online presence, podcasting is the way to go. If you need help, make sure to hit us up.