Affordable Wedding Videography in San Diego

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Affordable Wedding Videography

Affordable wedding videography done by professional’s is not easy to come by. You’re nervous, excited, and have a heaping list of to-do’s for your upcoming wedding. You’ve spent so many hours making sure that everything goes smoothly. Matching colors, the perfect cuisine, and even making sure Grandma get’s the best seat in the house! Affordable wedding videography that is clean, crisp, and properly captures the attendees emotions is a task only experienced videographers can accomplish.  The last thing you need to do is worry about how you can share this monumental occasion with friends and family. Have no fear, we’re here to make sure that your wedding is documented properly and respectfully.


affordable wedding videographyThe perfect wedding video captures emotions. The intention of a great wedding video isn’t to capture the event, it’s to capture what it felt like to be there. Laughter, smiles and tears of joy that the viewer can experience over and over for years to come. Most of all, we offer 4k capability at 96 frames per second, you can be assured that we will capture all of the best moments!

We discretely capture your special occasion by using state of the art camera equipment that includes electronically stabilized gimbal systems, aerial coverage, and professional editing. Most noteworthy, capturing this once in a lifetime experience is our passion. Count on us to capture your wedding like no one else can. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE QUOTE! 


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