Wavehouse San Diego


Drone films Wavehouse San Diego

Nestled next to gorgeous Mission Beach, San Diego, you have The Wavehouse – a premiere venue featuring the coolest wave machines on the planet. Not only do they have the barreling wave, but they also have the Flowrider, which is for all you beginners out there. I definitely reccomend giving this sport a try – it’s not the easiest thing to master, but definitely provides a great time. Don’t worry, it’s also a ton of fun to have a cocktail while watching the pros and beginner fiddle with their techniques. Once you catch a nice buzz and the newbies are doing epic whipeouts, you’ll be in Cali heaven. To give you another view of how great this sport is, we decided to bring our drone to take a birds eye view of what the real pros can do! It wasn’t the easiest shoot, as we had to manipulate around the concert lighting that they had set up and avoid the huge sprays of water, but it turned out great! If you are attempting to get this drone footage for yourself, be weary. Make sure you are fully insured, have your Section 333 FAA exemption, the okay from the management, and are safe while filming! Thanks to Wavehouse San Diego for allowing us to get this awesome drone footage. See you in the summer!

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