Beginners Guide To Sailing

When you think of Mission Bay, you can’t help but visualize all of the sailboats that glide across it’s waters. Many of these sailboats are rented from Mission Bay Sport Center, located at 1010 Santa Clara Pl. in Mission Beach. If you’re interested in learning to sail, look no further. Mission Bay Sport Center also known as “MBSC” gives you the largest┬áselection, and best customer service in the sailing industry. Not only do they offer the boat rental, but they actually spent the time to have an instructional video professionally made to teach you the ways of the water. Clocking in at only 5 minutes, it gives the customer a brief yet effective way to be able to set sail quickly. This beginners guide to sailing takes gorgeous shots of Mission Bay filmed from a drone. For a beginners guide in sailing, we made this video as intuitive as possible, and really tried to take a step back and think about a first timers experience. Not being able to sail myself, I relied on some of the best sailors in San Diego to teach me the ways and help out with this video.

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