San Diego Real Estate Videos For Free

san diego real estate videosSan Diego Real Estate Videos For Free

Elite Aerials of San Diego, California offers realtors the ability to transform the way they list properties. Elite Aerials confidently offers free San Diego real estate videos to realtors and only charge the realtor if/when the home sells.  In order to make the most of what beautiful San Diego real estate has to offer, Elite Aerials utilizes a fully customized DJI Drone to create stunning picturesque views only possible from an aerial platform. By combining state of the art aerial media techniques with experienced professionals, real estate media has truly never looked better.

Elite Aerials’ premier San Diego real estate videos service creates a full home profile in a walk-through of the property. In addition to top tier walk-through media, the company also promotes a promotional video production service which takes the guesswork out of choosing which of the home’s features to highlight. By selecting the best footage captured by the 3 axis Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer equipped with a Panasonic GH4 Camera and the drone’s high-quality aerial aspect, the Elite Aerials team can then produce a breathtaking video for usage in marketing materials. Home buyers have responded incredibly well to aerial media due to the fantastic views afforded by its unique platform. The perspectives captured by the advanced drone allow you to showcase your property’s interior and exterior in a stunning fashion.

  • “In home” walk-through highlighting the uniqueness of the property
  • Take Aerial Video and Pictures showcasing the home and it’s surroundings
  • Give you a completed video and assist in posting it to all social media channels.
  • Post and market your real-estate listing on all of Elite Aerial web platforms.

All of these services are free until/or if the home sells! 

san diego real estate videos
In order to express how effective aerial media is in selling real estate, the company only charges realtors if the home sells, a real win for your marketing dollars. The high quality product offered by Elite Aerials will take your sales to the next level, giving each property the attention it deserves. By capturing San Diego real estate videos in such great detail and all aspects of a home, realtors may provide prospective purchasers with access like never before. The Elite Aerial’s team has perfected the art of aerial and ground media, allowing you to harness this revolutionary technology to improve the way you sell homes.

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