DIY Ronin Carrying case and battery box


  DIY Ronin Carrying Case

So you just dropped $1,500 on one of the best investments a film maker can have – a good stabilization unit for your camera. It’s a great piece of machinery, and properly used, can assist in some insanely stable shots. Taking care of such valuable equipment is paramount in the longevity of your investment, but to do so can sometimes cost just as much money as the equipment itself. Although having a case shipped directly to you that fits each piece of equipment is a magical feeling, it’s going to cost you – and cost a lot. Below you will find directions on how to make your own cheap carrying case for your DJI Ronin. It’s cheap (under $30) and does the job. Not only is this a DIY Ronin carrying case tutorial, but I also threw in how I did my customer battery box carrying case. I hope you find it useful and saves you a boat load of cash!

DYI Ronin Carrying Case


Custom Ronin Stand Carrying Case

Bottom Piece- Ronin Stand Carrying Case


Custom DJI Battery Carrying Case



DJI Ronin Unit with Remote DIY Case


DJI Ronin Unit With Remote DIY Case









 Time Needed: 1 hour


Homer Tool Box $9

4’x8′ 1.5″ Foam Insulation Sheet $13

2 x Great Stuff Foam Insulation $4

1 x Rubbermaid 27″ x 18 3/4″ Container $7


Serrated Bread Knife

Straight Edge

Utility Blade


Battery Box:

Styrofoam Pieces 16″ x 7 1/2″ x 3


What to do 

  • Cut 3 – 16″ x 7 1/2″ piece of foam. Glue together using small amounts of Great Stuff foam – Let dry.
  • Fill bottom of Tool Box with 1″ of Great Stuff Foam
  • Place the 3 glued together pieces of foam on top of wet glue, Let dry.
  • Fill gaps between edge of box, and foam with Great Stuff – Let dry.
  • Trace bottoms of batteries on top of the foam and cut out using serrated bread knife.

Ronin Carrying Case

Styrofoam Cuts: 14 3/4″ x 22″ x 3



What to do

  • Fill bottoms of box with 1″ of insulated foam – let dry. Place 1 x 14 3/4″x 22″ piece of foam on top of dried foam insulation. Fill gaps on the sides of piece of foam with Great Stuff foam insulation – let dry.
  • Take second 14 3/4 x 22″, trace Ronin stand (as seen in photo #4) with sharpie. Use utility knife to trace the sharpie outline at furthest depth. Finish the cut with serrated bread knife (make sure to go all the way through the foam).
  • Spray small amounts of Great Stuff on the bottom of cutout piece and place it on top of the bottom piece of foam. Let dry. Great stuff is a perfect glue to combine both pieces of foam.
  • Cut 2×2″ blocks and glue them using Great Stuff to all 4 corners on the top of the ronin stand styrofoam piece. This will allow the next piece of foam to sit on the raised block without touching the ronin stand.
  • Place new piece of 14 3/4″ x 22″ on to the 2×2 blocks.
  • Place the Ronin unit on top of a new 14 3/4 x 22″ sheet and trace. Use utility knife to trace the sharpie marks. Finish by using serrated bread knife to cut all the way through the Foam. Use Great Stuff to glue the cutout ronin unit styrofoam on to the 14 3/4 x 22″ sheet that sits on top of the 2×2 foam blocks.
  • Take Remote and trace with sharpie. Use serrated bread knife to cut through styrofoam.

And….there you have it. A cheap, easy and effective way to store and transport your DJI Ronin and batteries. Happy filming!