iFly San Diego

iFly San Diego

Nate Sinisgalli, Co-Owner of Elite Aerials filming iFly Grand Opening (credit: Jeff Clemetson)

iFly San Diego Grand Opening (Video below)

We had the absolute pleasure of filming the new iFly San Diego GRAND OPENING on March 4th at 2385 Camino Del Rio North in Mission Valley. We spent 12 hours at iFly San Diego – the multi-million dollar brand-new facility – shooting every aspect of the amazing event.  Its modern, low-lit, relaxing ambiance make’s it a pleasure to spend an entire day there. Well, it helps when you’re watching some of the worlds best indoor skydivers do flips, spins, break-neck speed plummets, and watching the first timers’ hilarious facial expressions. Some of the notable attendees were Alan Metni, CEO of SkyVenture International, parent company of iFly San Diego, The Redbull Skydive Team, and the talented DJ’s that got the party amped up to fly.


At the end of the shoot, Krystal Castaneda, general manager of iFly San Diego, allowed me to give indoor skydiving a try. I can say first hand that the instructors make you feel incredibly comfortable, and more importantly get you amped up for a truly unique experience.

After a brief training experience you enter the ‘anti-chamber’ that is located next to the tunnel where you prepare for your flight by sitting in a small line while watching the current flyer. I felt relaxed during the entire experience, which actually helps you fly better. After the first flight, you await your turn once more and have the option to do a ‘High Flight’ in which an instructor launches you to the top of the tunnel and back down to the bottom. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE PART and I suggest you spend the extra $10 to do so. A unique part of the wind tunnel is that everyone is different. Each customer will have to adjust their body position differently, as we all have slightly different body types. Within seconds, the instructors figure out exactly where your body should be positioned and just like that, they let you fly! The instructors spend little time holding on to you in my experience, as they want you to experience what its like to actually fly. Here at Elite Aerials, we are extreme sport enthusiasts, so not only will I be back, I plan on buying the memberships with personal coaching. Once you’ve seen what’s possible, indoor skydiving will undoubtedly be at the top of your ‘new hobby’ list.

The pricing starts at $79.95 (the package that I purchased) and includes 2 flights that are 1 minute each.

Make sure to clean your glasses, tighten your jumpsuit, and smile!

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