Drone films water jetpacks

Business Decisions: you’ve been doing it wrong.


We don’t mean to hurt your feelings…but you’ve been lied to. Duped. Swindled. Conned in to believing that your marketing and advertising dollars are being tracked effectively. It’s a tough pill to swallow, when sales are decent and dropping your marketing and advertising campaigns could be disastrous. Don’t leave just yet…we are here to help.  We want to ask you a simple question, and don’t laugh.

Exactly how many customers were in your venue last Thursday at 3pm? If you can’t give us an exact answer in less than 1 minute, then keep reading.

You’ve spent valuable time planning, forecasting, and researching techniques to drive customers in the door – but once they are there you only focus on how much they spend. Tsk.. tsk…prepare to have your mind blown. Sales numbers are not the most important digit to your success – sales amounts are secondary to occupancy statistics. Finding out your occupancy statistics and trends of your customers is far more valuable than cash.

When your friend broke his arm, the doctor first checked his blood pressure..Stay with me here. Even though the goal is to fix the broken bone, we MUST check out the essentials to continue the healing process. Find your occupancy statistics and identify when and how many customers are approaching you for services. This will lead to you making the most efficient decisions on:

Hours of Operation
Employee performance
Are more customers coming in this week as opposed to last week? Why?
What time do most people visit? and Why?
Are your specials and promotions working?

I grew up scared of the dark – The same feeling when the lights went out is that same feeling I get when I see business owners make decisions based on a hunch.

 Let us turn on the light. We will give you accurate statistics, real time information, and show you trends of your customer base. Start making more informed, important decisions. Our people counters and cloud interface are simple, efficient, accurate, informative, and best of all, free. Count on us to count for you.

For more information, click below. Orders available January 1st, 2016

Drone films water jetpacks


Elite Aerials promotional video that was produced for Jetpack America reached 17,000 views yesterday. We woke up each day wide eyed and anxious just to be able to go film Jetpacks. Drone filming water jetpacks? Who could ask for more? The San Diego Drone Filming industry is only scratching the surface in 2015. By 2016 every real-estate company and businesses alike should be utilizing drone footage in advertising and all of their media. We anticipate a great year and just completed our last drone filming  Jetpack project in Koh Samui, Thailand. Big things are happening – we are prepared to be the #1 extreme sport drone filming company in the U.S.



Nate Sinisgalli

CMO, Elite Aerials

drone films water jetpacks

Elite Aerials Films Water Jetpacks