Top 3 places for San Diego Drone Filming

 Top 3 places for San Diego Drone Filming

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San Diego, California is the mecca of beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, and laid back atmosphere. Over the past few years the team at Elite Aerials has traveled throughout San Diego in search of jaw dropping aerial footage that would inspire anyone to visit this incredible city. San Diego drone filming is a hobby and business that Elite Aerials has been specializing in for 2 years, and we don’t plan on stopping! From million dollar mansions, beach bugalows, stomach clenching cliffs, and cotton candy sunsets, there is great footage to be had – and we will help you find it. Before you venture to these hidden gems, be sure to know, and abide by all FAA rules and regulations when flying your drone. Remember, safety is paramount, especially when there are people close by.  Read your manual, do safety checklists, and always do a 30 second test flight to ensure the safety for you, and your drone.


  • Sunset Cliffs – For San Diego drone filming, be sure to check out this ‘hidden’ gem. Although people are scattered throughout the area, you can find solice if you keep trekking. Take sunset cliffs boulevard ALL the way to the end parking lot. Once you are there, pack up your drone, and trek south. You’ll find hidden beaches, beatuftil point breaks, and awesome scenery. Especially from a birds-eye view.


  • Torrey Pines – There’s a reason that the Torrey Pines Golf Course is the top 10 destinations for professional golfers. Not only does it pack a perfect 70-degree median temperature, but it overlooks the steep cliffs that create the backdrop of black’s beach. With ridged, steep cliffs that make you feel like you’ve reached the end of the world, Torrey Pines makes an insanely gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view of paradise. The mixture of emerald green vegetation coupled with the orange clay that bolster the cliffs, makes the clear blue ocean look like a scene from a movie. Put that footage in your editing software, and bump up the saturation for an incredible variety of color.


  • Perris – Unknown to most, if you venture about 30 miles southeast from the city of San Diego, you will find something that most of San Diego drone filming cannot offer. Lakes surrounded by thick forest. From a birds-eye view, the symmetry of a lake surrounded by trees looks amazing. Want to inspire your friends for a camping trip? Take a few drone shots of Perris, San Diego and pack your bags!


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