Man crushes hoverboard world record.

Franky Zapata sets new hoverboard world record

Franky Zapata has crushed the hoverboard world record. On April 30th 2016, Franky flew his new Flyboard Air 7,388 feet and absolutely demolishing the hoverboard world record of 903ft. After tons of speculation from the hordes of internet non believers, Franky can definitively say that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind – this thing is real.

world record hoverboard

For years, those of us in the Hydro-Flight industry have enjoyed his Flyboard that attaches to a jetski and throttles you up to 50 feet in the air, enabling backflips, spins, and underwater dives. But the all-new Flyboard Air is an un-tethered flying machine that we were all promised as kids. “This has really been a life’s work,” he told reporters. By setting the hoverboard world record, it gives us all a chance to get these bad boys in to production – because we sure want one.