Flyboard Air by Zapata Racing. IT’S REAL!

Flyboard Air by Zapata Racing. IT’S REAL!

flyboard air

Instantly Viral – All new ‘Flyboard Air’

The internet was just hit with a new gadget asteroid. Zapata Racing has released videos of the new Flyboard Air by Zapata Racing. It’s an amazing piece of technology that uses a turbine that straps to your feet to propel the rider up to 10,000 feet (so they say) in the air at breakneck speeds. The claimed flight time is around 10 minutes. Sound dangerous? Well, judging by the controversial video it seems rather stable. The reddit community is up in arms claiming it’s ‘fake’ and the physics just don’t add up. There is definitely a divided community – and as Zapata releases more videos the sides seem to be favoring the believers.

Zapata Racing is one of the giants in a new category of sports known as Hydro-Flight. Although there are many ‘Hydro-Flight’ manufacturers, Zapata Racing seems to be pushing the limits harder than anyone. They offer Jetpacks, Flyboards, Pro-Series Flyboards including quality attachments that make any 150+ horsepower Jetski in to a Hydroflight acrobatic vessel. With the addition of the Flyboard Air, Zapata has severed being attached to a power unit, and went to non-tethered flight by using a fuel powered turbine engine.

Franky Zapata (owner of Zapata Racing) seems to be on the forefront of pushing the limits of gravity by always working on the ‘next’ flying machine. It’s unlikely that this new flying machine will become a household product any time soon, but it’s a step in the right direction. Millennials feel that they were promised flying machines by the time they became adults – no wonder Zapata’s new invention became instantly viral.

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