San Diego Real Estate Video

San diego real estate video

Top 5 shots to include in any San Diego Real Estate Video



San Diego Real Estate is some of the most sought after property in the entire country. With gorgeous weather and beach-style living, it’s no wonder why it’s ranked #2 out of 100 places in best places website.  In recent years we’ve been able to capture these properties from a new perspective. San Diego Real Estate video from a drone is an incredibly powerful tool to showcase what San Diego has to offer. When selling expensive realty (found predominantly in San Diego county) interested buyers have a boat-load of questions about the property. Being able to provide interested parties with a ‘show-case’ video can save time and let the property sell itself. To get a good idea of what a real estate promo video should have, we’ve outlined the top 5 Must Have’s when requesting a real estate promo video.

The “Feel” of the Neighborhood

The first thing that amateur home buyers want to know is “What is the neighborhod like?”. The first 10-15 seconds of any good San Diego Real Estate Video is to showcase the ‘feel’ of it’s surroundings. For places such as San Diego, it’s important to show the ocean, cool vibes and serene views – after all, why else move to San Diego?

Immediate exterior of the Home

It’s crucial to showcase the exterior of the home including decks, patios, and relaxation haven’s. It’s the first impression when greeting interested buyers outside the home. This is when the buyer can ‘feel’ what it’s like to be non-biased opinion of the experience approaching the prospective home.

Living Room

We are still easing in to the first timers home experience, keep it relaxed – the goal is to make the buyer feel comfortable before show-casing the hard facts of what the home has to offer. Try to make them envision what it’s like when they come home after a long day and how this space will ease their tension.

Go back outside!

Now that the viewer can see themselves living in that comfortable space, it’s important to bring them back outside the home so that they are coming in to the home with a new perspective. Now that they know what they are in for, it will allow them to place themselves in the home more gradually.

Skip the bathrooms!

I may catch some flack for this one, but I’ve never been a fan of using bathrooms in my shots unless the seller really wants to showcase it. If you properly showcase a home, you can get a great feel of what the lavatory will be like just by the decor and ambiance of the home. Simple homes have simple bathrooms. Luxurious homes have luxurious bathrooms, catch my drift? In my videos I like to leave the viewer feeling like they need to see this home in person – because let’s face it, that’s where the real selling happens.